Ecological Values

We are an eco-conscious mobile florist that operates under the values of sustainable floristry.

We use minimal packaging that is reusable, recyclable, or compostable. We support the #nofloralfoam #noplastic movements to help decrease the harmful environmental and biological effects of microplastic pollution and consumption.

We source our flowers direct from American Grown Flower Farms to support the local and small farmers, minimize the carbon footprint of floral distribution, encourage responsible consumption and support floral seasonality.

Core Values

Compassion is the main core value that we operate our business. Entering the market with a foundation of compassion allows us to have an open heart and perspective as we appoach our clients, our partners and suppliers, how we lead our team, how we create our work and how we connect with the community. Most importantly compassion helps us to maintain and project love in very challenging and successful moment of building and growing the business.

Quality is what will define who we are. We are a small business, taking small steps to carve out our space in this abundant market. What differentiates us is the quality in product and service that we will bring to our community and clients. We cannot and chose not to compete in quantity. Our product goal is to bring the highest quality and most unique flowers and plants to the Vegas community. We want our consumers to be able to experience the most luxurious flowers in person and not just on special occassions. We source our flowers from reputable farms who share our ecological and core values. Farm to table is our goal. Bringing in the freshest flowers, harvested within days of when we bring them to market.

Joy is how we determine which projects we will take on. Joyfulness is what we seek to give to and receive from every project. At any moment where joy is acheived, we will do our best to adjust our plan and perspective to bring joy back into the process.

Alturism is why we are here. Why we chose to be in the flower business rather than the pastry business. (Because Van loves pastries and coffee!) We chose flowers because flowers are an important part of the ecosystem as well as the human system. Bees and pollinators need flowers to thrive. Humans need bees to grow food and love to thrive. We believe in doing what we can with the best intentions for the greater good. Believing in people who are doing good things, supporting projects that are doing good things and pollinating love to every person we are blessed to meet is our ultimate mission and act of alturism.